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Sex Offender Registration & Notification

A list of released sex offenders is available to all interested persons. Please stop by the Sheriff’s Office Lobby (Records Window), contact us at 330-339-2000 or click HERE.


Responsibilities of the Sheriff

* Registration and verification of sex offenders' addresses.

* Registration of address changes of sex offenders.

* Actively seek the issuance of arrest warrants for any sex offender, who fails to register, fails to provide an address change or fails to verify his/her address as required by their classification.

* Notify the community of all Sexual Predators (including Tier III offenders) and Habitual Offenders (when required by the court) to all residences within 1000 feet of the offender’s residence.

* Some offenders may have additional requirements or restrictions as delegated by the courts and/or probation departments.

If you should have any questions or concerns about a possible sex offender, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 330-339-2000 or your local law enforcement agency