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Biography of Sheriff Walter (Walt) R. Wilson

Walt Wilson is proudly completing his third term as sheriff of Tuscarawas County. Sheriff Wilson began his career in public safety in 1975 working as a dispatcher. He worked his way through the ranks serving as a road deputy and as a detective. Serving in these various capacities gave him valuable insight regarding the numerous functions of the Sheriff’s Office.

During his law enforcement tenure in the Sheriff’s Office, he was the lead detective on the Dillon serial murder case and the Gilbert/Elliot cross-county murder spree case. As a result of his outstanding work on the Dillon serial murder case, the Prosecuting Attorneys’ Association in 1993 honored Walt Wilson as Ohio Peace Officer of the Year.

Sheriff Wilson is active in the community by serving on the Salvation Army Advisory Board and is a member of the Child Advocacy Center and a member of the newly formed Tuscarawas County Anti-Drug Coalition.

He has been a resident of Tuscarawas County for over 40 years. He has a wife, Linda, three sons, Jon, Brent and Seth, a grandson, Kendrick, and a granddaughter, Mackenzie.